Since everyone found it terribly cool we decided to put the official poster up for sale!

These are high quality photographic prints of (approximately) A3 size (29.7cmx42cm/16x20")
and at 9.95 Euro a piece they are a real bargain!

Please note that much larger sizes (beyond A0) are possible on demand, so don't hesistate to ask!

To get your copy mailed, just contact us to get our PayPal Account and transfer the money. Of course, if you don't like
the idea of using PayPal you can also make a bank wire-transfer, send cash in a letter or make out a cheque but I guess
you'll need still need to get in touch with us for the dirty details.

Note that the shipping costs depend heavily on where you live, so we can't give you a final price until you tell us.


      A3 - &euro 9.95 + shipping

      approx. 29.7cm x 42cm

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a Lucius C. Kuert film © 2008 dust&scratches