Between real, unreal and surreal - what is real and what is not?
Trapped between real, unreal and surreal, Nancy desperately seeks a way out.
An experimental short film inspired by the horror genre,... with a dash of blood for good measure!

  NANCY Margherita Coldesina
  NANCY'S FRIEND Francesca Martire

  LUCIUS KUERT Director, Photography, Editor, Writer, Associate Producer
  FEDERICO DE ROBERTIS Soundtrack & Music
  BEAT KUERT Producer (dust&scratches)
  SHEILA ZANOLARI Post Production Assistant
  LOLA ROSSIER Assistant to the Director on set

  Running Time 33'33"
  Sound Dolby 4.1
  Shooting Format Sony HDV (color)
  Aspect Ratio 16:9

  Awarded Best International Experimental Short Awarded Best Director of International Short (in Los Angeles) Awarded Best International Experimental Short (in New York)

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a Lucius C. Kuert film © 2009 dust&scratches