NANCY is a completely independent, fully experimental, and entirely self-financed short film (33'33") featuring a dash
of blood for good measure.

My main intent was to experiment with different effects and techniques, both during shooting and - especially - during
during post-production. One of the biggest challenges I faced in the process was trying to make a movie - a real one -
with a single actress and practically no dialogue.

In the beginning, the decision to do (almost) everything by myself (screenplay, direction, photography, editing, visuals)
was dictated by financial constraints. However, during the shooting it turned out to be an invaluable experience.
While we had to compromise on many fronts, I never felt (and still do not) that the lack of an extensive crew diminished
my creative ability to attain what I had in mind.

Although I am not in the position to judge, I am personally quite satisfied with the result. I feel that it represents a - perhaps somewhat eccentric and bizarre - but probably unique experiment in cinematography.

  FEDERICO (Addendum July 2008)
  After finally seeing the movie with its finished Dolby 4.1 soundtrack I am a pretty happy person. Words can only fail to
express the gratitude I owe to Federico De Robertis for his magnificent work.

I knew from the very beginning that he was the only person who could do what I had in mind, and indeed his first
experiments already showed that we were on the same wavelength. Not only I am thrilled by the result but also
deeply honored that he accepted to work on the movie.

Last but certainly not least he is an extraordinary person and I learnt a lot - about sound, music, life and the universe - in the very short time we spent working together.


  DOGME 95 (Addendum August 2008)
  One day, in another place I will write an 'official' the anti-dogme manifesto since it always struck me as one of the most
idiotic things ever written about filmmaking (or perhaps make that 'ever'). I continue to be amazed by how a seemingly
intelligent person could come up with something so asinine.

Whattever you think about NANCY - it's certainly not a conventional movie.

Basically, what I've been saying all along is that when you make movies with very low budgets you are forced to work
differently (creatively) and end up with movies that challenge convention.

The very last thing the world needs is a set of bad rules (using 35mm film??) on how to make movies!

  What can I say other than it was a wonderful experience?
The festival was small and had a familiar feel and the organizers are wonderful people.
The networking was great, and the whole experience truly exceeded all my expectations!
Like I said, nothing but enthusiasm and I can't wait for the west-coast experience!

  Very very happy to announce that NANCY has been awarded "Best International Experimental Short"
by the New York Independent Film Festival!!
Big thanks to everyone !!

  The screening in Hollywood at New York's International Independent Film Festival in Los Angeles
has been a big success with the audience. Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible
and everyone who believed in us !

  Totally out of the blue I was informed that I had been awarded the 'Best Director of an International Short Film'
award for NANCY! Needless to say I am completely thrilled and a big thank you to everyone who made it happen!!
Can't wait to see you all in L.A. !!

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